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Root Canal with Oral Sedation

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Jul 9, 2007
I will be having a root canal(due to a chipped tooth) and fillings with oral sedation in two weeks. I am not sure the name of the pills I will be taking. I go this week for the pre treatment appointment. As I understand it, I will take a pill an hour before the appointment, then I will be given another pill (or two) when I arrive. I think gas is also an option. Will he still use the numbing cream on my gums before the injections? I am most terrified of the shots, so that is my main reason for asking.

Also, I know I have to have a crown later on. Will there be any injections with that?

I am also worried about pain after. I have absolutely no pain now, so I am puzzled by all this.
i had fillings and root canal with oral sedation. This time i asked for 2 pills an hour before. With numbing gel, the needles were painless. Tell the dentist @ your pre sedation appointment of your issue with needles, although with the medication, at least in my case i really didnt care. Make sure to ask for gel / gas if you prefer.
good luck