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Root canal



May 24, 2020
Has anyone has a root canal in their front tooth? What was it like?
I have, I had pain and sensitivity in my front left tooth and my dentist said it needed RCT. He wasn’t able to do it as the tooth was very calcified due to trauma and he couldn’t find the canal. Ended up having it done by an endo. Procedure itself was fine, painless and relatively quick. With only a single root it’s a less complicated procedure on an incisor than on a molar.
@emmalouise1777 how long has it been since you had your RCT done? No issues ever since?
I had mine in September 2020. Healed well (went to work the next day). Unfortunately it’s still a problem tooth for me but I don’t (and neither does my dentist or endo) think it’s anything to do with the RCT. It’s perfect on x-rays and CBCT scans but it bothers me. They think I might have a vertical root fracture that’s so hairline it isn’t visible on scans. So I may be looking at extraction and implant but I think I’ve just been unlucky and I would absolutely have the RCT if I could turn back time still.

I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine. Honestly it was no more intrusive than a filling. The sounds are a bit odd but if you’re worried about that put some headphones in and it’ll be over before you know it. Good luck!
@emmalouise1777 Sorry, old convo but I am meant to be having a root canal on my front tooth tomorrow and I hear what you say here. It is normally easier with a front tooth with just one canal. The bit I don't get is where you say it is no more intrusive than a filling? But you have a clamp on your tooth, a rubber dam and a frame. Isn't that much more intrusive? Did you not have all that?
@RustyRebecca Ive recently had the root canal done and compared to getting a filling, and it felt like the procedure was the same except that it took longer and my top lip was completely numb from anaesthetic.
@Samereynolds Hey there, thank you for answering. Didn't you have the rubber dam, and clasp on your tooth and a frame?
@RustyRebecca yes I did. I had that for my filling too. I remember the rubber dam and the frame to keep your mouth open