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Root canal



Well-known member
Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk
Hopefully someone can advise help before my appointment tomorrow.
So I’m at the community dentist hospital tomorrow, I need a root canal on one of my teeth at the bottom front . On X-rays it shows a small infection, but I’ve never had any pain or anything in this tooth but a root canal is needed . Even though I’m being seen at a community hospital ( vulnerable patients disabled etc ) and I know they are more patient I’m still terrified. I can’t not go as they will take me off the list . I don’t want them to do it and it doesn’t work , which I know can happen especially so close too Christmas.
Thanks for any help
Seeing as it's now tomorrow, what did you do in the end?
@Gordon hi I went . We just had a talk and she said she wants X-rays from my new dentist, also too find out the local anaesthetic I’ve had that I’m okay with before she goes ahead with treatment. She will also use the wand ? So less difficulty due too my struggles with the needles. Also she said that there’s a small fracture already and will be an easy root canal as on small tooth at the front . I should be getting it done after the new year now .