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Root canal



Well-known member
Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk
Hi all
So I had my first root canal well kind of .
I had it done at a community dentist for vulnerable patients etc , and it was such a great experience. They talked through everything. I had the wand instead of a needle so it was fantastic as I’m terrified of needles . Anyway half way through the procedure I could feel some sensitivity so the dentist said I’m actually happy to not continue as I think this tooth isn’t dead . Anyway she knows best as she’s the head of the dentists , and I trust her . So she’s covered it up again and I’m going back in February so she can check it and also have a look at my dentures for me . So when I go back if I need any treatment then I know I will be looked after as her assistant was so nice and caring, got me too breathe and held my hand . I hope this tooth will now be okay . I think she said I will have a crown put on but she obviously wants too watch and see how the tooth is . I’m at home now and no pain so far . Hopefully I’ll be okay .