Root canals, crowns, and infections. Oh my!



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Dec 31, 2020
Let me start out by giving some background: I'm 27, female, I have genetically bad teeth. It doesn't matter how much I brush, floss, use mouth wash, etc. There's literally ALWAYS something.

So, I figured I'd just throw my thoughts out here because I feel stupid talking to people about them. I hate the dentist. I don't like getting work done. I don't like how much money it costs. I don't like any of it.

Last year I went for a checkup and was told I needed a bunch of work. I got a few initial fillings, but chickened out and just didn't go back in. Well, it gets worse the longer you wait! Duh!

I went back in today for a cleaning and was told I now need two root canals and several crowns. It's my own fault, but I'm looking at $900 for ONE and I'm fairly certain I needed like six, not counting to the two dental implants I've needed for ages. I also have a cavity on the back of one of my tooth that is large, but on the tooth next to it I have an infection! I'm not in pain or anything, but I got a prescription for amoxicilin and am going in on the 28th to get that first part done. (hopefully.)

I have the funds to get all this work done, in the form of a trust fun guarded by my dragon of a mother who when I told her today what was happening, go mad at me and belittled me. She told me I should take better care of them, when she knows full well that I do.

I don't know. I feel like a failure for letting my teeth get this bad, and I nearly cried as the hygenist told me everything I needed done.

Onwards and upwards, I guess.
Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel

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Nov 2, 2010
Hi Peelepotato,

do you feel any discomfort from the teeth which were candidated for a root canal treatment? If not, there is no rush and I would recommend a second opinion.
Hereis a video I made about guilt and self blaming about dental issues. Hope it helps.