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Root Canals, Wizzie removal- no problem!



Junior member
Oct 27, 2008
Last time I posted was back in October, at the time all I knew was that I had one tooth that needed root canal or extraction.

So much has happened since then and it is part to reading your stories on here that I have managed to get through it. But I feel that it is time that I now share a bit of what has happened to inspire other dental phobics!

I have had 5 fillings in total, some deep and others not. After the initial injection I didn't feel a thing (sometimes I didn't even feel the injection). Closing my eyes so I didn't see what instuments were going near my mouth helped enormously:giggle:.

Next the root canal. I was referred to the practice specialist for this, the thought of a new dentist terrified me but he was fantastic. I felt nothing during the two hours that he was working on me, apart from when the cement went too far through the root and into my gum- but that was only momentarily painful (and apparently rare) and nothing compared to what I had been suffering with previously!

Then this week the Wisdom teeth came out, bottom two impacted, top two straight forward. IV Sedation with possibly the worlds kindest aneathetist was great. Whole thing took 35 minutes, I was asleep the entire time so felt absolutely nothing. I would love to say there was no pain afterwards but regular painkillers dealt with anything that I felt :yay:

So there you have it after avoiding the dentist for 13 years I have had fillings, root canal, cleaning and wisdom teeth removal and wish that I had gone sooner. I am hoping that by the end of Feb the remaining work will be finished and I can the resume normal 6-12 monthly visits to the dentist.

So once again thankyou to everyone here- you have taught me that I was not alone in my fear and embarrasment. One of the most important things is everyone who has worked on my mouth has been understanding of my fear- find a good dentist and all will be well :grouphug:
Well done 100% Scared, It's brilliant to read how you have got through your treatment. Hope all your future visits go as well. Keep in touch.
yay, congrats! It seems like you had about the same work done as I am having right now! I have about 7 fillings, 1 re-root canal, and all 4 wizzies. I'm half way through the fillings and I just got my root canal today! I still have some fillings and gotta take the widsoms out (im nervous about that one!).

Thats awesome!
I was terrified before my wisdom teeth were removed! I can only speak from my experience but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be- and that was with two impacted wisdom teeth that had caused damaged to the molars next to them!

It is approaching two weeks since they were removed and I have full mobility of my jaw and I am eating perfectly normally (and have been for a while now).

Good luck smyi2.