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Root canals



May 29, 2019
Good evening,
I’ve had 6 dental crowns with root canals. My friend told me that root canals do not last a lifetime. I’m terrified that I’m destined to root canal failure and extraction. I make every effort to take care of my teeth.
My bedtime routine is:
Water pick flosser
Brush with electric tooth brush
fluoride gel treatment
Any advice?
Dump the listerine. A bit too much alcohol in it to use routinely, it's not necessary.
You probably don't need the fluoride gel every night but if it makes you happy carry on.

Tell the friend they're an idiot :)
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I’m 35 and some of root canals are 7 years old. How long do they usually last? My parents both needed revisions on their root canals and I’m so scared.
Well one of mine is 42 years old and still fine. And it was done by a dental student, not even a qualified dentist :) My wife has 3 inlays which I did as a dental student which have never fallen out and are still fine. Those are 43 years old now, which she won't thank me for passing on :)
Well thank you so much! That’s good to hear. Last question, do crowns fall out often and is it an emergency when they do?
Very rarely, the modern cements are really good. Strictly speaking no, it's not an emergency, but if it was your front tooth and you were about to get married, I'd say it was pretty urgent :)
You’ve been so helpful.
Thank you so much!
I’m working hard on this dental anxiety.