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Root Planing and pocket depth/dental hygiene school question



Junior member
May 19, 2017
Hi there...

I had a full mouth pocket probing done at a recent appointment. My numbers were about 8- 4' s(on the molars where I have 7 PFM and one gold crown - not sure if that matters) and one 5. The rest were 3, 2, 1s - on my front teeth. The tongue side was where most of the deeper pockets were. There was some bleeding on probing as she call it.

They have recommended full mouth root planning. Do 4's really call for this?

We have a good dental hygiene school here in Southern California. Would you trust a student to do this work? Are they skilled enough? I know it will take more time. Any input is appreciated.

I know my crowns are a problem. Will he scaling be an issue with so many? At 47 jus feel like I have so much metal in my mouth and I want to do what I best. No more crowns! or fillings would be nice too :)
4's are right on the borderline. If you had a lot of tartar build-up under the gumline that they could see on the x-rays, a lot bleeding, unhealthy tissue, or some evidence of bone loss then full mouth scaling could be a reasonable treatment.

If you had 4's with no tartar build-up and relatively healthy looking gums and bone, I'd tend to monitor that rather than treat with scaling.

Hard to say for sure. There are a lot of little factors that go into it, much more so than just the numbers.

I wouldn't be concerned about having it done at a dental hygiene school. If anything, you'll get better treatment than you might get elsewhere. The instructors at those schools are usually sticklers about the procedure being done perfectly.