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rough patches along inside top teeth? and horrific experience at dental cleaning.



Junior member
May 21, 2022
I have been sick for about a month. sinus infection, took round of antibiotics. I just got my teeth cleaned and It was painful the dental hygenist used a instrument that went along my gum lines. it hurt so much I said nothing at the time and just listened to her criticism of how I am cleaning my teeth. I felt embarrassed, fragile. and extremely vulnerable. When the dentist whom I trust came to check on my teeth I " SAID nothing!!" But would of cried if I wasn't so scared. I am 70 yrs old and had been sick for a month and am still sick. I said nothing. as fear of covid.would arise.I have stayed away from Drs for about 2 yrs. Scarey times we live in. I still am building up my Adviar to clear my lungs. I am very, weak. Just a side note I have been taking slippery elm herb I put in capsules to switch out a drug I take for GERD. Omeprazole.I am not sure what long term use of slippery elm can do as it is mucilage. I had my husband look and take pictures and he said he can see rough patches.

I'm so sorry of the experience you had with the hygenist, that sounds awful and quite painful. I'm very sorry.. :grouphug: Iwish they were more kind and compassionate to you. :( :(... I also hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you are really going through a hard time physically. I hope it gets better. Could you write the office or call them and let them know how it hurt you? sometimes its good they know even if its after, if you feel up to it. I know sometimes its hard to say something at the time. again so sorry
Thank you, krlovesherkids. It really helps to have someone listen and understand. I have never had that instrument used on me before It reminded me of an old soldiering iron, my late husband used to fix things. I will just ask quietly that I am not ever assigned her again.

I think that sounds like a VERY good idea! hopefully the next hygienist is a lot more gentle. Also if you talk to them about giving them a stop signal if it is too painful I know if I feel something at my dentist I raise my right hand and he immediately checks in with me and stops to make sure I’m ok