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Salisbury, Wiltshire



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Mar 23, 2006
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Website of possible interest to anxious/phobic patients in the Salisbury area:

Fun website, all dentists are female. TLC offered plus nitrous or i/v sedation if desired. Painfree treatment stressed.
Re: Salisbury, Wiltshire Possible websites


I went to this dentist yesterday for a second opinion. A lovely set up with a relaxing waiting room, water, magazines etc.

I found all the reception staff to be friendly and informal (all the staff including the dentist wear a uniform of jeans and a pink t shirt).

I was given a health questionaire to complete with all the usual questions but also my feelings about visiting the dentist and levels of anxiety. It also asked my reasons for leaving my last dentist and whether I would want sedation and what level.

The dentist was gentle and sympathetic to my needs and even though I don't need to go back to her as she agreed with the decisions my NHS dentist made she has offered telephone support if I need it over the course of my treatment. She was happy to chat about my extractions and showed me some partial denture samples and how they work.

My consultation cost £80 and although it felt alot I gather it compares favourably with the private sector.

On the whole, if I could afford it I would be happy to contine my treatment there.

The Dentist Salisbury

I suffer from dental phobia and had not seen a dentist in 15 years. I spent several weeks looking for the " right " dentist and I found them.

I cannot speak highly enough of this practise. Its all female, the office is nothing like a dental surgery and the staff are totally fantastic. I have to drive an hour and a half to get there, but if I had to drive all day I would.

I have just had some work done under IV Sedation and I know that I will go back now for regular check ups. They are kind and very gentle and don't make you feel stupid in anyway. My Dentist is Liz.Sarah is one of the dental nurses and they both looked after me.
They have helped to change my life in a very positive way.:jump::jump::jump:

[Moderator's note: Liz no longer appears to work at this practice, however, the director and lead clinician Aly Harris "has a special interest in looking after anxious patients and is a trained seditionist."]
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The Dentist, Salisbury Wilts BRILLIANT WOULD RECOMMEND

:thumbsup: Just have to recommend to anyone in Wiltshire, Alison Harris and Patricia at The Dentist, in Salisbury Wilts. Ive had a lifelong terror of the dentist due to childhood trauma at the hands of one, but Alison has done wonders for me, at first with IV sedation, Ive even had extractions, root canal treatment and veneers done all without a single tear. Had to move away now so sad, but hope this helps someone:jump:
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