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salt water rinse and poppy seeds.



Junior member
Jan 11, 2010
Hi, I had two teeth extracted a week ago and the holes where the teeth used to be arent exactly closed up. Ive been rinsing with the salt water but today, I just cant get whatevers in there out no matter how much I rinse, its irritating my gum now I keep feeling it with my tongue. Any suggestions as to how to solve this dilemma? would the gum heal over the food or will it push it out as it heals? Next appt. is end of Feb. dont want it to get infected. Thanks for the help.:thumbsup:
I'm no expert but as far as I know the body heals from the inside out so I don't think the gum would "heal over" the food or whatever is there. (could it just be a clot?)

I know when I had a tooth out years ago, weeks and weeks later little shards of what I'm guessing was tooth, would work their way out all by themselves!

Keep up the rinsing though!
If it's really annoying then ask your pharmacist for a small syringe and use that to squirt salty water into the sockets to dislodge any debris.

Sudzs is completely correct about the healing process, (just trying to get back into her good books after my last smartass reply)
Thanks, it comes and goes so maybe it is bone or something because its always in the same place...:)