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Salt water rinse or no after extraction?



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Jul 1, 2018
The oral surgeon told me I could do a salt water rinse after 2 days to help promote healing.
It has been 3 days now. I have a place where the stitches opened up and there is a small red spot...not bleeding but looks raw and the pain has increased a little.

Would it be helpful or harmful to do a salt water rinse? If there is an open area, and I had bone grafting material put in, would the salt water rinse disloge clotting, or would it help close it up? I am hesitant to do the rinse and make it worse, since I am still in the range for dry socket. I had that with my wisdom teeth surgery and it was awful.

Of course it happens on the weekend when I can't call and ask.
A gentle salt-water rinse won't hurt and won't be enough to dislodge a clot. Dry socket can happen randomly, but the risk factors involve continued suction, like using a straw for every drink or smoking regularly. Rinsing won't increase your chances. And it is very soothing and will help keep you infection-free.

You don't have to swirl the water aggressively, or gurgle. Just do it gently, keeping the water in your mouth for a while. :)