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Salt water rinse



Junior member
Dec 8, 2012
Had teeth extraction on Wednesday and was wondering if I am supposed to rinse with salt water after everything I eat,I usually eat yogurt at random times from hunger and I don't know if rinsing with salt water after everything I eat is right.

I did the salt water rinsing every time I ate something.
Or at least risned my mouth with water when I was not at home.

It helps to keep the good bacteria in your mouth.

Happy healing!:)
It won't hurt
The warm salt water actually feels so soothing!
It's best to rinse after you eat anything. It will help keep the socket clean so you will heal faster :)
Salt water is disgusting and i think it's mainly to disinfect, so i used corsodyl. Not sure if that's a bad thing to do, but much easier.
I use sea salt. I think it trays much better, and seems more soothing. I'm waiting for extractions to heal. Been one week, but mouth is still very tender. Using salt, Rincinol mouth rinse, and lidocaine. Be glad when my gums are healed. Having no issues talking, eating soft foods that I don't have to chew. Denture is just pressing on guns that are still so tender. :(
Hope you feel better soon, Chickenlegs. That rincinol sounds good.