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Same day extraction and implant pain



Junior member
Jun 30, 2020
United States
I had an abcess on a root canaled molar and 2 weeks ago had it extracted with a bone graft and implant placed that day. I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks and went for a follow up today. I’m still very sore and achey in that area. Scans were done today and the site was checked and every thing looked great, the dr said it could just take me longer to heal and some patients could take 4-6 weeks after to feel 100%. I’m honestly so stressed, is it possible the implant could be failing but look fine on a scan? I’ve been taking Tylenol every day and that helps. The aching radiates into my jaw but it’s not constant, it’s on and off throughout the day and worse after meals and at night. I go back in another 2 weeks for another checkup but I can’t knock the feeling that something is wrong, everywhere else I’m reading is saying after 2 weeks the site should be back to normal.
Sorry, I know nothing about placing implants. Maybe one of our other younger :) dentists can chip in?
@Gordon that would be great if they could, thank you!
Hi @Ctaylor16,
Normally you would not be having this degree of discomfort after two weeks but it can sometimes happen. If the scan looked ok and there was no obvious sign of infection then it is reasonable to see how it goes. We all heal differently. Can you post a picture of the area?

It’s really hard to get a good picture because it’s a top left back molar but I did my best, sorry it’s so blurry 😞 3 weeks out now and still very achey on and off


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yes, a difficult are to photograph, can't really tell from the photos. As long as it is slowly improving then it should be OK
@Ctaylor16 it has been close to three months for me and my mouth is just starting to not be so sore. There is no such thing as normal once you have an implant, it's now the new normal. If it fails I guess it wobbles, you would know
@drhirst I was able to get a better picture of it. I went for a follow up and it seems like I got some kind of version of dry socket with the extraction/implant/bone graft and the dr thinks that’s what was causing the pain and it won’t settle until the gums close over it. This was about two weeks ago. Did a round of steroids/mouthwash/antibiotics. Still very achey with random stabbing pain but significantly improved. Does this look ok to you? Or what would you recommend?


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