San Antonio, TX



Mar 5, 2010
The following dentist is HIGHLY recommended for extractions, full and partial dentures. He also does root canals at a different office.

Dr John Junghans DDS
210 Denture
2202 Babcock Rd
San Antonio, TX 78201

Dr J is one of the most casual, straight-talking, gentle and cost-effective dentists I have EVER met. He specializes in extractions and dentures/partials.
His assistant, Lesley, is fantastic - he puts you at ease the second you walk in the door with chit-chat and jokes - just brilliant.
Dr J himself is VERY honest, and he will NOT give you unnecessary treatment, but instead, will spend time talking with you about the most cost-effective way to good dental health.

He extracted my lower left back molar with absolutely NO pain or fuss at all, and even gave me the extracted tooth to show to the dentist who had irresponsibly crowned it incorrectly, resulting in the extraction. Dr J's exact words were, "Take this, show your other dentist, and demand a refund for the amount you had to pay me today to remove it".

Dr Junghans has my COMPLETE respect and faith, and I so wish I had found him sooner.

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