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Save teeth or extract



Jun 30, 2021
I have bad periodontal disease. Two bottom front teeth need to come out as there is bone loss. Dentist said the other 4 teeth surrounding the bad ones aren’t as bad and he doesn’t need to extract. Thinks cleaning will make them ok. He will give me a removable retainer with two teeth. My concern is other teeth are gonna be less stable and I’ll need them removed anyways.
He does need to extra a few molars as well. He said he can save some of the teeth but they will need root canals.I have crowns he needs to remove and see the damage
I need to go back for deep cleanings as Well.
Is it worth all the root canals to save teeth? Or better to extract and do a snap in dentures?
Personally, after having had both multiple root canals and multiple extractions, I would have the root canals to save the teeth as your natural teeth are so much better than dentures.
I agree on the teeth that have less bone loss. My bottom front teeth are the main concern for me. I wonder if retainer will rub again teeth and make them get looser.
My bottom front teeth are the main concern for me. I wonder if retainer will rub again teeth and make them get looser.

No it won't. It doesn't work like that.
Thank you. That gives me some relief.
I have 6 lower front teeth that are pretty bad. The bone loss and or infection in two front bottom require extraction in near future. My worry is the other teeth being pretty bad and would need to be pulled. I don’t think I’m a candidate for implant due to bone loss. Would I be have same replacement type or a different type of partial denture?
I'm not sure what you're asking? Can you rephrase it?
Is the retainer type option what the dentist would use if he needed to remove more the just the two lower front middle teeth? The area around those teeth is bad too. Sorry my question didn’t make sense.
I see. When you say a retainer type option, do you mean a pink acrylic device with clips on the molars? That works. Basically you'd want to evaluate options after the extractions and a few months down the line to see how the tissues are settling. Anything you do around the extraction times will be temporary as the tissues heal.