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Scale and polish procedure on already sore teeth



Junior member
Mar 2, 2022
Greater Manchester
A week ago i had an emergency dental appointment due to an abscess. During the appointment the dentist suggested I seek an appointment for a scale and polish as i have receding gums, and my teeth are quite loose and at risk of possible tooth loss eventually. The abcess seems to have gone but i still have some mild pain surrounding my front 2 teeth, which are the loose teeth. I have booked with a private dentist for a scale and polish, but im incredibly nervous to go ahead because of the pain i am already experiencing and worried about making things worse, or there being something else underlying. Would a scale and polish help ease the pain im currently experiencing? Advice would be greatly appreciated.


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
If you don't get some treatment soon, you're going to lose the teeth, the underlying thing is likely to be periodontal disease, which won't get better without treatment.
A scaling would be a good start but it sounds like you'll be needing a bit more than that done. I hope I'm wrong though.