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Scaling and Root Planing/Deep Cleaning and Irrational Fears



Junior member
Apr 19, 2024
United States
Hello, let me start off by saying I am a 35 year old female who has had so much dental work in the past. Fillings, root canals, crowns, oral surgery, braces, etc. I literally have probably had every tooth worked on at some point….I didn’t even flinch…maybe as a child but it never really bothered me having to go to the dentist….I do recall having an Scaling and Root planing in my early years deemed unnecessary by insurance and rejected. I recall it only a little bit.

I developed a really bad health anxiety around 2015 after my mother passed away. Irrational fears about my health sent me to the ER a few times. I sought treatment and therapy for this and have improved but nowhere near as carefree as I used to feel.

The last time I went to the dentist was in 2017 to have a crown replaced on my front tooth. Now here is where things took a turn. After rebuilding the tooth and doing what they do when replacing a crown, they went to put the material in my mouth to make a molding for my new crown but they could not get that area to stop bleeding. They acted concerned and confused and asked if I’ve had any aspirin or blood thinners and the answer was no…I started to panic and they whipped out their cauterizing machine. Eventually, the bleeding became controlled but I left the dentist that day with a new fear unlocked. I think I researched why this may have happened and stumbled upon things I never knew.

Fast forward to yesterday and I am back at the dentist but this time just for a check up. I am told I have a little bit of bone loss and will need scaling and root planing. I go back next week for half of my mouth. However, here are the irrational fears I have as someone who now experiences health anxiety:

1: Bleeding uncontrollably
2: Reaction to Novocaine (Heart racing, palpitations, having a stroke etc). I do have mild to moderate blood pressure issues which I take medicine for - however - anxiety does not help one bit!
3: Bacteremia - bacteria entering bloodstream

Anyone have or had similar fears? Please help calm my nerves! 🙏🏻