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Scared about apicectomy?



May 6, 2014
I must admit I was very worried about having an apicectomomy. However, I can say that the apicectomy itself was pain free. The recovery was a few days off work, as this was my front tooth and my lips swelled and I had stitches at the front of my mouth. It was difficult to talk and eat for about a week. I had to go back and get the stitches removed as they had not dissolved in the time they were supposed to. This was also painless.

Overall, whilst I can say that this was a bit unpleasant and it is not an easy option to have an apicectomy, it did save my tooth, which was a front tooth so important.

I felt I had to share the experience, as this happened about 10 months ago and I still have my tooth, which has healed well. The dental surgeon told me it can take up to a year for the bone to fill back in and for it to heal fully, but I have just had a check up and they said that everything seems to be going well.

Another thing, the dental surgeon told me at the start, that the apicectomy would just probably buy me enough time to decide whether or not to have an implant or a bridge as they quite often fail within a 3-4 months. However, I can say that whilst recovery has not been all plain sailing, each day is better than the last and whilst ever it is improving day by day I am happy with that. In fact, when I went to my regular dentist, she asked me which one of the front teeth, I had had the apicectomy in, so that tells you it must be going well.

Hope anyone considering having an apicectomy braves the operation, because it really isn't bad and if you find yourself an excellent dental surgeon, like I did, hopefully it will save your tooth.
what is an apicectomy exactly? I never heard of it?