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Scared about getting a root canal tooth pulled in pain



Jan 20, 2020
Hi everyone,

I have had some pretty bad past few months. I had a root canal in September, and it was retreated twice then completed fully in December. I had the neighboring tooth also root canaled in December.

The first tooth is failing. I thought it was getting better and reaching the settle down point but over the weekend it started hurting with biting and also along the top of the jaw so tomorrow I see the endo and I also called an oral surgeon to meet with him regarding extraction and implants. I am not pleased with the endo office. I have on several occasions had to wait a day or two to get in when in terrible pain. Over the past few months I was taking a lot of advil and tylenol which cannot be good.

I am so scared for tomorrow, scared at losing the tooth, scared about if I am a candidate for an implant and also how will I look missing a near front tooth for several months. I just wanted to vent maybe you can understand. :(
Hi Acheygirl,

sorry to read about what's happening. Sounds like you have had a lot of treatment on that tooth already, all in and office you are not happy with. I can't even imagine how the thought of losing the tooth must feel, after all you have been through.
Not sure how US dentistry works, but where I live a dentist can't leave you in pain - they are obliged to either see you on the same day as an emergency or, if they aren't able to do that, to tell you where you can get help.

Will keep my fingers crossed for you for tomorrow and hope all goes well. Feel free to vent at any time. By the way, a good dentist won't leave you with a visible gap in front teeth area, so let them explain to you what they can do to make sure you will be able to talk and smile at all times.

All the best wishes and keep us posted
As you know, I can sympathize. Two different teeth had root canals, then retreat and apicoectomies, only to then be extracted. I will say that even though the anxiety of losing the tooth is high, you will be so relieved after the tooth is out and you are pain-free.
Are they not giving you a temporary denture/flipper? Or is it not visible when you smile? I have no idea how they decide what needs a temp and what doesn’t. I just had gaps for the molars that were extracted but had an immediate flipper for my front tooth.
They can do some amazing things with bone grafting to make implants possible, as long as your gums are healthy. I had a very large amount of bone loss but the surgeon did bone grafting and a bone block graft and everything worked out with the implant.
Good luck! Let us know how it goes!