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Scared about loose crown falling off while I'm sleeping



Junior member
Jul 2, 2023
This is my first time to post on this forum.

I have a very loose crown that is, at this point, basically held in place along the inside gum line. It has been progressively getting looser over the last few days. My fear is that it will fall off while I'm sleeping and I will swallow or aspirate it.

The tooth has been checked (probable extraction and implant) and I have an appointment with a specialist later this coming week. This scares me as well but I will post about that separately.

I tried to get in to see my dentist on Friday but they were unable to see me and their office is closed until Wednesday (July 4th holiday weekend). I have seen this dentist for years and received high quality care so I have been surprised by how this has unfolded. I called their on-call dentist a couple of hours ago but have not received a response. There is an emergency dentist about an hour and a half away and I thought I would try to reach out to them tomorrow (Sunday).

At this point I don't know how much of an emergency this is because my anxiety is getting in the way. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.
Can you just pull the crown off? You won't do any damage.
If you can't then it's probably not so loose that you're in danger of losing it in your sleep, even so, it's very, very unlikely that you'll aspirate it and if you swallow it then it will pass through you quite happily.

I've had a few crowns "recovered" that have even been re-cemented afterwards... :)
Thank you so much for answering. I feel much more reassured. It is quite secure on the inside gum edge even though I can easily push it back and forth in other directions. I was unable to remove it after I tried to gently pull on it a few times. I feel more comfortable now as I wait for my dental appointment on Wednesday of this week.

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