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Scared about temp filling and pain



Junior member
Oct 18, 2022
I have kept up on my dental treatment, mostly my periodontal appointments. Unfortunately I haven't seen a regular dentist in years (perio cleans my teeth) because the hygienist I finally trusted left the practice.

This past year I developed a painful sensitivity in my back right molar and need a numbing shot to get cleaned which has increased my anxiety. Perio says its just normal sensitivity but it depresses me. Sensitive toothpaste doesn't help. I'm curious as to what this could be, because it makes me nervous to find a new dentist and ask them to inject me just to clean...

Last Wednesday (today is Tuesday) I had a filling in my back left molar fall out. I went in on Thursday to get it filled in at the old dentist (a dental chain, which i now realize isn't the best place l) and it went poorly. First, the hygienist seemed hostile about office billing practices. Then they numbed me with 4 shots but I still felt sharp pain. Dentist tried to change drill heads (?) and she couldn't get it to start so hygienist snatched it up and got it running. Super awkward. Finally the hygienist just asked if I usually got sedation and I said yes. So they said let's reschedule and put in a temporary filling for now. I was fine with that as I was panicky and although I was numb my tooth still felt sharp pains with the drill.

I don't feel they believed my pain and chalked it up to anxiety. I don't kniw... maybe it was just anxiety. But I am scared to go back tomorrow to get this thing filled. My jaw under the tooth had been tender along with the lymph node. I got a script for augmentin from my pcp in case of infection. I'm just tender still, a week later. Plus I now have a canker sore from biting my cheek at night (bruxism). The dentist who saw me is super young and new and seems overpowered by the hygienist, who seems irritated at her workplace. Very concerning she didn't know how to start the other drill....

I scheduled an appointment with a new dentist in about 3 weeks. He is in private practice, great reviews, uses nitrous which helps me a lot. But I don't feel I should wait with this temp filling so long. Just not sure what to do. Also not sure about this other sensitive right molar.

Is it normal for new dentists to not know how to start a drill?
Omg that's so unsettling! I'm not a dentist obviously but maybe the dentist was just having an "I'm all thumbs" kind of day with equipment, but it certainly doesn't give you a good feeling. It seems like maybe there's a bit more drama going on in that office than would be comfortable for anyone especially us folks with anxiety. What did the new office you made appointment say about the temp filling? Maybe ask them to let you know if there's a cancellation because it's really bothering you and if they make you feel awkward about your anxiety that might be an indication to try another place who may be more accommodating.
Just wait, 3 weeks is not a problem.
Ok. The appointment is in an hour. I feel zero confidence in the dentist since she seemed so uncertain how to even use her own equipment.
But there is still decay in the tooth... covered with a temporary filling. Ugh. Still on the fence about waiting, though it is good to know it shouldn't be a problem to wait. Anxiety is the worst.
i never said anything about the temporary filling. Too nervous. I wish I would have now. Maybe I could just call back.
@freakinaht call the new place back. Listen to @Gordon, he's pretty awesome plus he's a dentist. You can do this. Deep breaths. Make a list of what you want to say and go from there. You can do this!
@mariyam thank you. I cancelled my appointment this morning and filled out my new patient forms for the new dentist. Now I've just got to call, tell them about the temp filling, and ask them to consider me for any cancellations...
Hoping they won't tell me to go back to the old place. 😕 going to try and be brave. Thanks!
@Gordon thanks. I am going to wait. In the meantime should I be concerned about having a sore lymph node in my jaw around the area where the tooth that needs refilled is? It isn't swelling up or anything but it is tender/sore.
@freakinaht you can do this. Try to focus on one step at a time. Sometimes all we can do is one step and that's ok. I'm over here feeling so proud that you didn't do just one thing you did several. That's amazing and you should give yourself a small victory dance party or a nice reward. Far too often we overlook our achievements.
In the meantime should I be concerned about having a sore lymph node in my jaw around the area where the tooth that needs refilled is? It isn't swelling up or anything but it is tender/sore.
No, I can't see any reason to worry about it. Probably related to all the LA shots.
@mariyam I rescheduled my appointment for somewhere where I got in sooner and had the cavity filled. It was painless and comfortable. I got nitrous during the filling. Super relieved to have it done. Unfortunately I still have really tender lymph node under my jaw and on the side of my jaw by that tooth. They took panoramic xrays and didn't see anything that indicated infection so I don't know what's going on... hoping it just clears up soon. But thanks for your support! I am glad I got this taken care of.
I'm so proud of you that you were able to find a place sooner. Maybe call your Dr. It could be totally unrelated to your dental work.