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Scared and depressed



May 22, 2007
Worried sick about a crown that needs replaced (30 years old and some metal showing at gum line) about 6 years ago after some dental work on adjacent tooth I was flossing and heard a popping or cracking sound in crowned tooth and for awhile the tooth was a little lose but tightened back up. My dentist took a X-ray and said he didn’t see anything. I’ve googled and my understanding is they can’t really see thru a crown on X-ray.
My concern is I go into have crown removed and tooth breaks off and I have to leave with front tooth missing.
Worry is occupying my life right now.
I’ve had dental problems all my life I don’t have nice teeth.
I am not a dentist, but this is my understanding... an x-ray cannot show the part of the tooth beneath it, but it shows the roots below the gum line still. If that tooth was broken underneath, I think you'd know it. Surely it would hurt. It seems likely to me that the popping/cracking sound you heard was the permanent crown you had coming uncemented in some spot. Replacing the crown sounds like a good idea to ensure the tooth below stays clean and well protected.

I am currently in the process of dealing with re-crowning a tooth... my dentist placed a new permanent crown, and it was so bad that he actually had to remove it and has now placed another permanent crown. So, I've very recently just been through the experiencing of having a fully permanent crown removed. It was not that bad at all. My tooth is root canaled, I did not even require any numbing. It took maybe 30 minutes for him to fully cut the pieces and pull them off, which he did carefully so as not to fling the pieces in my mouth or damage my underlying tooth.

Now I am still dealing with some pain and other things, but mine is my very back molar and this tooth has been an issue for me anyway and blah blah blah.

I understand feeling worried, obsessed, scared, depressed. I've been dealing with the same since this began for me at the beginning of November.
Thanks for explaining the process of crown removal. Ive had so many dental issues I always think the worst. I have recently moved and I’m embarrassed and scared to find a new dentist. I’ve also had a few implants and having some recession around them fortunately they are in back of mouth but still a concern for longevity they do monitor them but I guess not much they can do about it😢
Hope your new crown is doing good after replacement.