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Scared - Dentist trip tomorrow! Need advice!


Ben Smith

Apr 10, 2009
Well guys,

9.40 tomorrow morning, i will be sat in the DREADED dentist.

I have two questions:

1. In the middle of March, i had quite a large filling done on a back molar. Now it' sensitive to cold - as they said it would be, so that's not a concern. However, i have noticed that if i drink something hot, i get toothache after it. Also twice now, my mouth has tasted of blood - both times - i shone a torch in my mouth (probably shouldn't have done) and there was blood coming from the gum surrounding one side of the tooth.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the above could be?

2. It's not my wisdom teeth i am going in for. But after hearing that some people have had room in their mouth for their wisdom teeth - and they've still become impacted, or they've had problems with them. I've become increasingly more worried about them. Do you think i should mention it tomorrow, or wait til my next appt in May as its not what i'm going for tomorrow.


Well, it's not long until i leave now guys!
Hello guys!

I am have been back from my appointment now for about 2 hours - so i decided to come on and let you all know how it went.

Basically my dentist just checked the tooth that i am in the process of having a root canal done on. She then also looked at a tooth which i had a pretty large filling done on - as it's been painful when i drink anything hot, but she said due to it being a large filling, even though i had it done a month ago, it could still be settling down, so she wants to give that chance to happen before doing anything drastic. ;D

However - it's these bleeding Wisdom teeth that are causing me all the grief!
Not because they're painful or anything - but because one of my lovely mates (bless her!) she hasn't got a clue about my fear of the dentist - and was telling me about how she had plenty of room for them - but they still became impacted, one also infected!

Since i've been back from the dentist - i cannot stop thinking about the new problem that my brain seems to be thinking about in overdrive! :scared:

I had 2 back molars removed on one side of the bottom of my mouth, 1 back molar removed on the other side of the bottom of my mouth. Also 1 back molar removed on 1 side of the top of my mouth, and 1 molar removed on the other side of the top of my mouth.

Could mine still become impacted?

I'm not going back now til the end of May - and wished i had mentioned it to her today, just to put my mind at ease! However i didn't want to sound like a complete and utter plank if they can't still become impacted?

Do you think i should drop my dentist an email? Explaining my worry?
Hi Ben - good to hear that your appointment today went well :cheers:!!

I think you should drop your dentist an e-mail or give her a call - she has actually seen your x-rays, so she would probably be able to give you a fair idea about what's going on and put your mind at rest. There's no point in constantly worrying about this for the next month :grouphug:
Can i deffinately still get problems with them though, even if there is enough room for them?

I don't want to waste her time by asking a pointless question!