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Scared! First dental appointment in 11 years!



Junior member
Aug 22, 2013
I am a 30 year old female. I brush my teeth at least twice a day, but unfortunately, I am a moderate smoker and have smoked for mostly the past 11 years.

I noticed my throat was hurting this morning as I occassionally get the hurtful pus in my tonsils. When I looked at back of throat with a flash light, I happened to notice two red dots on the inside of my cheek. They are flat and do not hurt. I guess I accidentally poked one too hard and it immediately bled a little, and for the most part has disappeared.

Then after further inspecting my mouth, I noticed a black dot on my tounge on the same side of my mouth where I had the red dot on my inside cheek. I scraped the black dot to see if it was raised or if I could feel it and I can. It almost seems like a tiny tastebud that has changed color.

Hoping to get your thoughts on this! Thank you! I'm having my first dental appointment in 11 years this Saturday to get this checked out, but I'm scared to death! Any words of encouragement and/or ideas of what you think what these spots on my cheek and tongue might be, please let me know!

Hi Chrissy,

From your description it really really really does not sound like these red and black dots are anything to be worried about!

Hi Lincoln!

Thank you very much for your reply!

I'm guessing these are pretty common? What do they sound like to you? Is it from smoking?

Wish me luck on Saturday! I truly hope this dentist is encouraging rather than making me feel 2 feet tall! Hopefully he'll be patient and kind!! :)