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Scared for appointment today



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Mar 9, 2022
The day has finally come. I have my endodontist consultation in 2.5 hours. I am so nervous I can't eat. I know I am probably repeating myself at this point but I am so terrified for bad news. I know going into this I have two teeth needing attention:
  • One molar which had a previous root canal which needs to be evaluated for retreatment.
  • One molar that had a cavity and decay that caused a small chip for about 2 years, which ended up breaking in the middle a few weeks ago. I have had Dentek at home filling in the broken part which has held up tremendously well.
I posted a few days ago about my concerns for the wait time. The endodontist isn't available until April 14th, about 3 weeks from now. I fear it getting really bad before then or an emergency happening. I am so nervous for today I feel like I can't even talk. I wasn't this nervous for my consult a few weeks ago with my general dentist, but this is literally making me sick :(
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Hope it all went well
Any update on how your appointment went?
@nanobite Hello there! The appointment went well. I really didn't like the endodontist's office, it didn't feel very warm and it made me nervous. The doctor himself was kind and answered all of my questions which I appreciated. I have to get a root canal on my broken second molar and a retreatment on another tooth from a previous root canal which wasn't successful due to me not getting a crown because I couldn't afford it. I have the root canal scheduled for April 21st and I am so terrified I can barely eat or sleep. The retreatment will happen after that. I also need a filling and a crown on two other teeth so the financial burden is hard. I am looking at around $3,000-$4,000. I do not have insurance. Thanks for asking and checking in.

Bless ya try to sleep its the only time i dont worry .

If your paying so much why not try sedation it will cost too but whats cost when it comes to peace of mind . I did recently and it was amazing tbf dentristry and sedation is s lot cheaper here in uk . Just a idea
@Jackieallen I do have an oral sedation option but I am so nervous to do that! I know it would make sense though.

Anything that help i say . But you need to be comfortable with your choice x
@conqueringfears I'm glad the appointment went well. I also have to go to the endodontist eventually to evaluate a tooth for a root canal. I am finding so much comfort and support in knowing there are others here who understand the process and are without judgement. I hope you're able to find a way to pay for these treatments.
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I went through a very similar situation last year & I was terrified of having the root canals/crowns. Even with dental insurance, it’s expensive! I believe my out-of-pocket costs for 2 root canals and 1 crown + a few cavities I had redone was close to $5,000. I also had to wait on a crown (which I am getting next month, almost a year after my root canal) because it was cost prohibitive & I wanted my dental benefits to refresh. The actual procedures for the RCT + crown were not nearly as bad as I’d anticipated, in fact, dare I say that everything was pain-free and easy (except paying the bill on my way out!) I’m absolutely terrified of dental procedures & did fine with local anesthetic + laughing gas. Best of luck to you! ❤️
@TKB1974 This is so reassuring! Thank you! <3 I know it's so costly. They did advise that I shouldn't wait long to crown this specific tooth so I will have to pay close to $2,000 within a month or so. I am a contractor and do not have insurance, but I have to take care of my oral health. This is a learning lesson to not let things get so bad or wait so long due to fear.