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Scared I’m gonna lose my teeth!



Junior member
Jul 8, 2019
Bit of background story - I’m 17. Before these issues I brushed my teeth daily I have never neglected my teeth.

However, around 5/6 weeks ago I woke up and noticed that my gum had peeled back, it was the part that goes up between the two bottom front teeth. There were a bunch of small ball kinda things, white coloured. Anyway I brushed and it came off. So now I have a tiny part of gum missing between my two front teeth which is not noticeable unless up close and I point it out.

I did too much googling and ever since then I’ve been terrified that my teeth are going to fall out or that my gums are receding and I’ll have no gums left. Ever since this happened I have been brushing twice daily and using floss and mouthwash. I’m just real paranoid!! I have bad anxiety so I tend to overthink these things :( also I think I got a piece of popcorn stuck under my top two teeth and it still feels a little swollen or uncomfortable. I’m just real paranoid and overthinking everything!! Also idk if I’m just seeing things because I’m so paranoid but I’m scared now that my two top front teeth and doing the same and that they may be shifting as I can see a tiny (very very very tiny) gap between them, like before only noticeable when up very close and a flashlight is used.

Anyway, can anyone offer advice? I’m literally in hysterics!!! The only dentist appointment available was August 22 :( so so far away. Please help me


Mar 26, 2018
I understand your anxiety, but take a few deep breaths. You are going to be ok. Allow your gum to heal, keep brushing and flossing.


Well-known member
Mar 26, 2010
Try to avoid googling for information about this, google usually brings up the worst case scenarios. The white things your brushed away were probably plaque or calculus.

My gums in that spot have a similar gap but noticed it when I was around 15 years old. I'm now in my 30s and my teeth are fine. Just keep up with a good brushing/flossing routine.