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scared I need RCT



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Nov 18, 2022
Hello, first time poster here and pleased to find this forum.

I've suffered from a fear of the dentist since childhood. About 18 months ago I plucked up courage to have a filling replaced in my upper Molar. The filling lasted less than a year before showing signs of decay so about 5 months ago I went back to have it re-done. The dentist said it wasn't close to the nerve and should be pretty straight forward but seemed to have problems fitting the dental clamp (dam?) to my upper molar and the clamp was very painful during the procedure on my gum.

Ever since I have had a strange very mild dull ache in that molar (no sharp pain and not temperature sensitive and no change in pain while chewing) just this constant 1/10 pain.

The best way I can describe the pain is like the dental clamp/ dam still attached to my molar/ gum.

I went back to a different dentist last week and he said it could be 'composite shrinkage' so he re-did the filling (the 3rd time in 18 months) but the pain is still there, a constant mild ache. I noticed that during the filling procedure I felt a lot of discomfort with the dental dam clamp again so I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the pain I'm having or if it's inflamed nerves from so many procedures on the same tooth?

I'm panicking I need a root canal now and I'm sick with worry. Would anyone know if this will settle down or what it might be?
Many thanks for reading my (very long) first post!


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If it's only been a week since the filling was replaced, I'd give it a bit longer. It doesn't look deep at all in that x-ray and nowhere near the nerve.
@Gordon thank you so much for replying Gordon, I have been so worried about this pain. Hopefully the pain will subside over the coming weeks.

Is there any benefit to taking ibropufen just to reduce possible inflamation rather than just for pain? At the moment the pain is like a very mild constant burning feeling but luckily doesnt interfere with sleeping
Sorry to hear your going through this.
I was having problems with with tooth even after the bridge was removed and replaced. The pain wouldn't go way so I needed the root canal. I understand your fear. Its a mental challenge for me because its a battle while I'm sitting there not to have a full blown panic attack. Got through it and now it's wonderful to be pain free.
I've pick up some tools that help me while I'm in the chair if you want to hear them.
@dental chicken thanks for your input and so glad you're pain free. I think the hardest part for me is that even with a great dentist a lot of dental treatment seems to be guess work (which fuels my anxiety!)
PS: I'm hoping my pain is just a sore ligament but strange it's been aching for 4 months already
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I think the hardest part for me is that even with a great dentist a lot of dental treatment seems to be guess work (which fuels my anxiety!)
My sentiment exactly. You hit the nail on the head. Its really difficult when you know that they are not sure. It doesn't mean they aren't excellent, but so many pts. so many mouths to keep track of..you know.
@nervmania I've had some great dentists but the last one was terrible and caused so much damage, from very painful hypochlorite burns in my mouth due to failing to using a dental dam for a molar root canal (couldn't eat for 2 weeks), to causing irreversible pulpitis on another tooth because his drill was failing to irrigate properly and prevent overheating.
I'd give anything to go back to how my teeth were before I walked into his clinic but have to move forward. I've now got a new much better dentist who is trying hard to fix the previous mistakes so fingers crossed he can get my teeth back to how they were before this hell started.