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Scared- Infection/Abcess still there after course of Amoxcicillin



Junior member
May 12, 2014
Hi guys, about 7 days ago upper 2nd to back molar "above a tooth that was crowned, but not canaled" I began having a really nasty pain, I went to my dentist and he gave me a course of Amoxciccilin and some Vicodin. 3 days ago the swelling had gone down a little bit and he went ahead and did a root canal, when he stuck me in the abcess/infection with the novocaine I was in unbearable pain."It doesnt seem to have the bubble characteristic of an abcess but it has swollen my face". In any case the pain got worse, and I had to get a refill on my vicodin which was quite embarassing in itself as the dentist looked at me like some sort of junkie who was faking the pain.

Now I have finished my course of amoxciccilin, the swelling has decreased slightly but barely and the pain is as bad as ever. I am scared as I don't know what is going to be done now, what do you guys believe will be the next course of action? I don't want to die, or lose all of my teeth on that side, ive already payed out 1500$ for the root canal, would hate to pull it but is that a possibility?

Secondly, I have only 3 vicodin pills left, and I am once again concerned about either getting addicted/not being given them if needed. I took them as instructed both times, never taking more than prescribed. First time 15 were given, second time 10. As the pain has gotten worse since the root canal and hasn't really improved I am worried that the infection is still there, and worse that I will have to endure days of pain because my dentist is going to think me a junkie for bringing up the vicodin again.

How is this looking for me, any advice?

Many Thanks!


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Jan 5, 2012
When I had a persistent infection I had a few courses of antibiotics and my tooth had to be re-treated to clean the infection out, maybe yours needs a re-treatment.

Or could there be a bit of root left in the tooth that has been missed, has our dentist x rayed the rct to check.

Until you get back to see your dentist try a cold pack on your cheek it may help, a cold pack became my best friend when I was swollen and in pain as did rinsing with cool salt water washes. Some people try warm salt water rinses but it just made my mouth worse so either may help. I would try the cool first. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly:


Apr 29, 2014
Pennsylvania US
I would definitely call the dentist again. You may need a stronger antibiotic if it was a badly abscessed tooth. Don't worry about what the dentist thinks of you needing pain medicine!! If you need it than what can you do? My dentist wouldn't write me prescription for any pain medicine, but luckily I had some left over from a previous dental issue.

Did your dentist advise ibuprofen for the pain/swelling? I had to alternate the pain meds with 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen just to survive- the pain was so awful!!

I know what you mean about the numbing injections- it was hard to get through all the shots since I was so swollen and inflamed in the area of the infected tooth. I have vowed to never ever let that happen again!! I have had shots before for dental procedures but they didn't hurt like that!! It was worth it though, since once my dentist opened the tooth and drained it, I felt better the next day.

Good luck and I hope you are feeling better soon!!