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Scared!! MRI and crowns, posts, and amalgam fillings?



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Sep 6, 2017
My doctor has ordered an MRI to rule out trigeminal neuralgia. I’m already dealing with major dental phobia, pain, anxiety...now I’m terrified of getting an MRI. I’m not so worried about the results of the test. It’s getting the test that is scaring me. I’m terrified that my crowns or posts or fillings will be pulled out and cause a significant danger to me during the procedure. I’ve been to so many dentists over the years and have extensive metal fillings, crowns, posts, that I have no idea what is all in my teeth. To say I’m scared is to put it lightly. I’m nauseous, crying and can’t focus on anything. I haven’t even scheduled it yet because I’m so scared. Help!?
I have fillings myself and have brain scans (MRI) and one spinal scan (MRI) due to me having a health condition, my fillings have not been pulled out due to me having a scan.

I also hate going to dentist myself but still go.

If you are worried phone up the hospital department where you are going telling them you had dental work
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I can confirm that there is nothing to worry about. I have had many MRIs in the past few years without issue. Also, as a dentist for the past 36 years, I cannot think of anything that we use that would cause problems with an MRI.

I am claustrophobic, so cannot go in the old style MRI scanners unless I take a hand-full of sedatives. The more modern ones are much better. They are very noisy, but strangely, I find that so relaxing, I often fall asleep.

Good luck