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Scared of deep cleaning and injections



Junior member
Jun 13, 2022

I have a appointment tomorrow morning at 10am for a deep cleaning with injections and I am scared it is going to hurt a lot. Please can someone give me some advice on what happens during it and how painful it is?

Thank you
Hi @Lindz1975, if you haven't already come across it, there's a thread in the FAQ section where people have shared their personal experiences of deep cleaning:

It should answer a lot of your questions!

Hopefully, somebody with personal experience of deep cleaning will be able to chip in as well before your appointment :).

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow and please update us on how you got on :clover:
Hi everyone,

Thank you letsconnect for your message.

Feeling nervous today because of my deep cleaning appointment this morning, especially with the needle part because I have never had a needle in my mouth before.

Any advice would be appreciated
Thank you
Hey Lindz1975,

how did it go yesterday?

I had to rearranged the appointment because they had put me in a room at the top of the stairs and I can’t climb steep stairs they had forgotten about me needing a down stairs room
Oh how annoying to have that happen after working up the courage to go in :(! Hopefully you don't have too long a wait for the new appointment?
I have to wait two weeks I go again on the 28th June at 4pm
Hopefully the wait won't be too nerve-wracking :grouphug:. Wishing you all the very best for the 28th!!

my appointment is looming again for my deep cleaning which I am starting to feel nervous and scared again.

someone last week told me that it was extremley painful and that the injection really hurt and another person told me the complete opposite. so I don't know what to think now, any advice would be appreciated, my appointment is at 4pm tomorrow afternoon (28th June)

thank you

someone last week told me that it was extremley painful and that the injection really hurt

Not very helpful, is it?

and another person told me the complete opposite.

Much better to believe this other person :).

Seriously though, it really depends on the person administering it, there's no need for it to be painful. They can also apply topical numbing gel before using injectable anaesthetics. Make sure they know of your fear that it might hurt and they should be ultra-gentle :). What has been your impression of them so far?

All the best for tomorrow :grouphug:

When I went for my initial appointment I found the dentist a bit abrupt and he seemed to rush a lot so didn't like it one bit.

This time I am having a hygenist called heather who is apparently good with nervous patients so hopefully it will be better.

thank you
@Lindz1975 everyone has a different pain tolerance but it isn't something that is painful, as you will be numbed
Thank you

It is the numbing part that I am scared off I have never had a needle in the mouth before and I am scared it will hurt.
@Lindz1975 honestly I have had it a few times a its really not bad
@Lindz1975 honestly I have had it a few times a its really not bad
Thank you that has made me feel better I am probably worrying about nothing afterwards I will probably be wondering why I was worried.

I will let you know how it goes afterwards which will be tomorrow night my appointment is at 4pm.

Thank you everyone
I went it was just a scale and polish aparentley the dentist had booked me for the deep but the hygienist said I didn’t need one she said the dentist just does that to scare people. I have a check up with the dentist in August. I do have to start flossing though and get a soft bristle brush.
Thank you for all your advice