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Scared of Getting LANAP



Junior member
Feb 18, 2024
Detroit, Michigan
Hi, I just joined. It's great to have this forum. My teeth have never given me any problems, and although I didn't go to the dentist during the pandemic, I brush and floss and gargle. When I finally went to the dentist, I was told that I have severe bone loss, massive gum recession, and my top teeth could start falling out at any time. I was recommended the LANAP laser procedure, but as I understand it, it removes even more of your gums and makes the teeth even looser. And then the teeth move around, so sometimes braces are needed later. I was kind of told (in a mean way by two periodontists) that either I get the laser, or I should just have my top teeth pulled out. But they aren't causing me any trouble, and I am 73, so maybe my mouth won't heal after being zapped by lasers. What have been your experiences with the LANAP treatment? Thank you!
Hi, I can't help with a personal experience of LANAP, but you can try the search function on this forum 🙂 (you might have done that already).

If the two periodontists you saw came across as being mean rather than helpful, maybe it's time for a third opinion?

Also, in Europe and the UK, the general consensus among periodontists is that floss alone doesn't stop existing periodontal disease from getting worse, and that interdental brushes (TePe brushes) should be used. The biggest part of halting gum disease is home care, so I'm wondering if the dentists you saw showed you what products to use and how to use them (I presume your teeth are not ultra-loose if they're not causing you any trouble?).
Thank you! I did find some posts about LANAP, but they aren't really recent. Most people are happy with the outcome, but in a subreddit, a few people said they had disastrous results. At the moment, I not only floss, I use those little brushes every time I eat, I use a Water Pik twice a day, I brush with an expensive electric toothbrush, and I have seven kinds of mouthwash, which I rotate. I don't eat sugar or grain, and my teeth don't feel loose. Also, when I poke at my gums, they feel nice and tight around my teeth, so I'm tempted to just do what I'm doing, although the xrays show massive bone loss and supposedly I have pockets of 8+. LANAP is supposed to promote bone and gum regrowth, but not all the time, and it's thousands of dollars.
Sounds as if you have a great routine 🙂.

It seems quite unusual to have pockets of 8+ and no tooth mobility or tooth loss, and gums that feel nice and tight. Perhaps you could post in the Ask a Dentist section for advice, and see another periodontist for a third opinion?
@letsconnect Thank you, I agree. My teeth and gums feel fine. I will Ask a Dentist. This is a great forum.
Sounds good :). When you do, be sure to mention all the details. I take it you've had a deep cleaning already and have had them recommended every 3 months? that is normally the first line of defence, apart from home care of course. X-rays/pics will also help if you have them and don't mind sharing them (you can also share them by private message if you feel uncomfortable posting that sort of detail).
@letsconnect Hi, yes, I have the x-rays and would love to share them with a dentist, but which is the proper forum? My worst fear is not of the having procedure itself but the fear that it will create trouble and cause me to actually lose my teeth faster. Thanks for helping an old lady.
The Ask a Dentist section would be best, see here:

You can use the "Attach files" button underneath the reply box to attach things like pictures etc.
@Mboone50 I am new also but I have a suggestion for your decision about your teeth and gums. I am older than you and never had gum issues or bone loss. I would definitely consult your dentist regarding the diagnosis you described. If your gums cannot be treated in a less invasive manner the laser should be all you need. Please do not have any or ALL your teeth removed! Get a second opinion from a highly reviewed dentist, it is not expensive. It is wise to not mention any of the names of your periodontist or others.
Best of luck in getting an honest diagnosis and the correct procedure.