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Scared of IV Deep sedation, Help!



Junior member
Apr 26, 2018
Hi guys,

i've been reading this forum for a little while and decided to make an account in order to interact with some of the members here. I'm getting all four impacted wisdom's out next tuesday and i'm terrified.... not of the recovery, or the iv needle or anything like that. just about the "deep sedation" i went in to the office to ask some questions regarding it, and all i got told was "its three drugs injected intravenously that make you fall asleep" I was kinda treated like i was just bothering the lady i talked to, coming in to ask questions which was off putting to say the least... my irrational fear is this... is there any chance of not waking up? I know that sounds silly but thats my only fear. I've never been sedated for anything and im scared of not being in control. The dentist has been doing this for 30 years and says it will only be a 20 minute procedure but im still scared silly about "deep sedation" is it the same thing as GA? can anyone offer any experiences as to their own deep sedation procedure?

Thanks so much!
Hi Casromot, lovely to have you as a member :) Fear of not waking up is not silly at all, on the contrary - there are a lot of members who fear exactly that (and I can reassure you that every member who was nervous about not waking up came back after his/her procedure to tell us that everything went fine).

Sorry to read about how you got treated by the lady, that's not really how informing a nervous patient should look like - it sounds either reassuring nor informatiove. I can only encourage you to keep asking anything you want to know until you get the answers. I can't serve you with any own experience with iv sedation and do not know exactly what the 'deep' part in your iv sedation means, but here is a link about sedation methods, hope it helps a bit: https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/help/sedation-dentistry/

Hope you get some replies from someone experienced soon. You might already be familiar with some success stories.

All the best wishes and keep us posted:clover:
Hello !

I had the exact same fear as you ! One month ago I had my wisdom teeth removed under IV sedation and I was terrified about the sedation. But it went very well ! They gave me some medication to relax first and then I heard them say : Now it’s time to go to sleep ! And I just woke up and it was done ! They’re very careful about this procedure. A nurse is mandated to watch the vital signs and make sure your body reacts well to the sedation. They have everything in case of an emergency, which is very rare. They give you the smallest amount of medication possible, just what it needs to keep you asleep.

Good luck ! I’m sure everything will be fine !
Regarding the issue of not waking up, do note that if they have the drugs to sedate you, they also must have the drugs to wake you up, no matter how deep the you are.
Hi guys! thanks for all the responses.

I'm feeling better about it, my anxiety was through the roof at work tonight but im trying to focus on the fact that by this time tomorrow all my stressing will be over and i will be down four wisdom teeth.... im trying to focus on the fact that these are professionals who know what they are doing and my partner has been so loving and supporting through this whole process. i will keep you all updated... thanks again