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Scared of my wisdom teeth not being the only thing that comes out.



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Aug 17, 2019
I've been stressing about this for a while, I finally got an appointment to get my impacted wisdom teeth removed, and I know I'm going to get put out, cause there's no way I'll make it through local without freaking out, I had a root canal once and that was a trial. I don't actually have that much fear of the surgery, since I will be put out. I'm just scared of what will happen after.

My family is insanely over the top Evangelical. Both my father and mother have made comments about how the gays (they use a less kind word) should be forced into conversion therapy, my father going as far to say imprisonment. Funny enough, their only son is gay. I can't cut ties with them. I'm living with them while I get through college. I'm so scared of coming out. That iCarly episode where Sam tells Carly she and Freddy kissed, after her oral surgery, keeps popping into my head. That and all the videos online of people high out of their minds.

I keep thinking about just waiting on my surgery, but my mouth really hurts. And even if it is unlikely I would just come out, I fear that the panic of that possibility being on my mind constantly will make those thoughts pop into my head. And no, I can't get anyone else to take me sadly. I'm antisocial as hell and I've got like two irl friends, both of whom I met years ago in youth group at church and they both are also quite homophobic. I've got friends online who know I'm gay, but the closest one is 5 hours away.

I just don't know what to do. But my housing and college is on the line if I mess up.
I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm guessing you will have IV sedation since you mentioned being "put out"? If you are having IV or inhalation sedation you will not feel impaired or out of control after the surgery. Many of those YouTube videos are extreme examples that are the result of using more than one type of sedative at the same time.

Edit: I forgot to paste the link to this article that goes into more detail.
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I'm gay myself and wasnt out to anyone for many years so I know how you feel. Like Sol said if you're not having actual general anaesthetic you are still very much in control of your actions so you will be fine. If you are having general, you could ask for your parents to not be present during coming out of the anaesthetic too. The hospital will have to respect your wishes if you're over 18 and so there would just be a nurse with you as you wake up.
Those videos of people saying crazy/“funny” things are staged.

All I said shortly after was mumbly nonsense (but it was okay). I made zero sense, but could communicate fine later that same day.
Really sorry to hear about the difficult situation you're finding yourself in (as they say, you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family :().

Having had general anaesthetic on 4 separate occasions over the last few years (admittedly not for dental-related things), I've never experienced any loopiness or impairment after waking up, so I kind of doubt it would be a major concern with GA?

Perhaps you could have a chat with the oral surgeon and let them know about your concern (obviously, no need to mention exact details), and see what they suggest.

Oh, and you've won the prize for "best thread title" :)!!!
Thank you everyone for the kind replies. Sol, I'm not entirely sure if it's IV or what, I don't remember the exact wording, I just remember the dentist asking something like if I want to be awake and numbed or put out. I'm assuming it's an IV. Aj64, I might just do that and ask the dentist to not have my parents in the recovery room. I'm assuming they wouldn't let me leave until I'm fully back aware of what's going on. Dg6300, are you sure they're all staged? I've seen quite a few videos that don't appear staged at all. Like in Markiplier's wisdom teeth removal, he really seemed out of it. I haven't been put under before so I'm just assuming when I say this, but from what I've seen it's less of a people being crazy and saying wild things, and more of a "just going with the flow" kind of thing, where you don't really care what's going on, where you don't have a filter, and are easily excitable. I just worry I would say something if I didn't have a filter, like talk about this guy I have a crush on online or something. Letsconnect, I'll chat with him and see what he says. Also, haha, thanks I've always been good with play on words stuff.