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Scared of numbing gel or injections



Junior member
Oct 29, 2021
I was told by my new dentist that I needed to fill 3 teeth that would require numbing of some sort, and I am terrified. I fear needles (don’t we all?), especially when it’s in my mouth, and I also do not want any sort of gel on my teeth or gums. I’ve had multiple fillings done before and they just literally drilled my teeth without any numbing, in my experience I have never experienced pain or discomfort during any filling procedure and actually quite enjoy it. Thus it’s only natural that I feel numbing is unnecessary and would cause more stress and discomfort than the actual procedure itself. I even feel like I would rather feel pain during the procedure than have my mouth injected. I really needed to get this off my chest, thanks for reading.
I understand you completely from your fear of needles! I also have and when the pain is not much I do not put anesthesia I have many fillings without anesthesia. Once a tooth ached so badly that the pain was unbearable, and I agreed and did not think about it at all, despite my fear. Naturally, I felt sick from fear, but after a few minutes it passed and we continued. I understand you completely. I am about to have a tooth extracted and I will have to. It's not as scary as it seems. Something that calms me down is to tell my dentist that I may feel bad or faint, I don't know why, but it helps me.
Hi Scaredbear :welcome:,

I see how if you are not experienced with numbing plus scared of needles, you don‘t see much sense in getting numbed up. While I know there are dentists who work without numbing, it is actually a very responsible and a standard thing to numb you up before anything gets done. You shouldn‘t feel pain during a dental procedure. Numbing is also for your dentist - if they know you‘re pain free, they can take time to remove all the decay and do the filling properly instead of rushing because they feel like they are hurting you.
There are few things I have been wondering. May I ask you what it is about the injections that worries you? Have you had a dental injection before? And does your dentist know about your fears?

All the best wishes
I think if you've been advised to have numbing it could be that they are deeper fillings?

Whilst I can appreciate your fear I think it will have a bigger impact on you if you felt something. I've been there and I always imagined there would be a buildup from nothing - uncomfortable - pain - agony... But it wasn't, all of a sudden it was just sheer pain. it's quite damaging to building up experiences that are positive/encouraging when that happens.

I would 100% ensure you tell them how fearful this is for you.. remembering they can put gel on to minimize the discomfort of the needle, and that you don't want to see it, at all, perhaps you'd like to sit up a little whilst they do it - is that's possible.. I find most good dentists are accommodating and kind, afterall they would prefer you numbed and comfortable x

Snap i am scared too and although i have had filling root canals bridges and crowns done with injections i can no longer bear the thought and i shake just thinking about it . Last procedure i opted to have iv sedation as i couldnt handle it and that was the best.

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