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Scared of numbing



Junior member
Mar 9, 2023
I've got a filling tomorrow for an upper tooth and I'm not so much scared of the pain, but scared of the numbing. It's a tooth right at the back, upper jaw. Will I be able to swallow? Will my throat feel numb? What does feel numb?
Sorry for the questions
With an upper back tooth, the area surrounding the tooth will feel numb and the lip and cheek on that side will also feel numb. Which means it's easy to accidentally spill things when drinking, so you may want to stick to water until the numbing has worn off a bit - especially if wearing light-coloured clothing! (I learned this lesson the hard way :p )

The good news is that your throat and the sensation of swallowing won't be affected at all :)
@happy1 hello, your throat will feel like normal and will not be numb
Thank you both of you, I really appreciate your replies. I'm very nervous about the appointment but hopefully all will be fine.
You can totally swallow as normal. Your tongue may feel a bit numb but that won't affect swallowing or breathing or anything. :)
Thank you for your reply.
@happy1 how did your appointment go? i have the same fear of numbing as you.

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