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Scared of the dental appointment on November 9th 2017.

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scared of the dentist

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Feb 18, 2017
I am scared of the dentist appointment that I have on November 9th 2017. I have to have bite wings taken as part of my dental exam before my teeth cleaning. The teeth cleaning doesn't bother me as bad as the dental exam itself. Any advice would be great. How do i calm down about my next appointment on November 9th?
Luckliy I get laughing gas during all my dental procedures as it is the only way that I can get through a dental procedure. I had a traumatic experience as a kid in the dental chair when I was 12 years old. But believe it or not i am still going to the same dentist office that I had my traumatic experience when I was younger. I believe in giving people 2nd chances when it comes to certain things in life.
One thing I do is just close my eyes and focus on breathing in and out through my nose. (Which isn't easy bc I'm a mouth breather) I also have a horrid gag reflex. My dental hygienist taught me a trick to help me not gag as much. Lift your leg at least a foot of the leg rest and hold it there until it's over or until you can't anymore if it isn't done when you put your leg down put it back up again. It helps keep your mind focusing on something else and helps with nerves and gaging.
I find this particular fear, the fear of examination, interesting. So many fears revolve around procedures and about pain in particular, but for some of us, the examination can be just as scary, if not worse. Why would we be more afraid of examination and procedure? For one it may be because examination carries with it the unknown and possibility of surprise. What might they discover? How bad might it be? At least with a procedure you already know what the problem is. I guess I have this fear of bad news. And when waiting on big news I get painfully uptight and often very superstitious.

I'm convinced for some of us there are probably some other interesting psychological activities going on deep inside us when it comes to examination. Perhaps fear of being judged, scolded, and hearing sentence passed.

I hate the whole examination thing so very much. Every little look, vocal inflection and pause by the dentist makes me nervous. In my last exam, just a couple of weeks ago, the dentist was poking around, and at one point, while scraping a tooth, asked me if it was sensitive. It wasn't, but the fact that he asked the question made my heart sink, like he had surely found something bad. (Turned out to be some hardened calcium buildup - something he'll monitor over time).

As for how to handle the apprehension, each person has to find their own way I guess. Nothing really takes it away, but some things can help you manage it. I have a few rituals. I have a natural anti-anxiety spray (sprayed under the tongue) which I use a lot. I don't think it does anything but I use it anyway, as the act of spraying helps me feel like I'm doing something to help. And I can't overdose on it, it's not much more than water.

Another thing I've started doing is always dressing up a bit for a dentist visit (in the old days people always dressed up for any kind of doctor visit). I don't get all formal or anything, but I put on some of my nicer clothes. Why? Well, again, like I said, each one has to find their own way to cope with the fear. I suppose it gives me a feeling of being prepared and showing the dentist respect and that I'm taking things seriously.

I am actually about to go to another sort of examination that I am very anxious about - the optometrist. Never feared those exams before, but last time I went we found a problem where one of my eyes couldn't be completely corrected, at any prescription strength. Doctor was concerned, thought I might have a cataract at first, which I don't. Then another test suggested I am in a state of pre- macular degeneration. (Thought these were old people problems, but she said they are happening to some people at mid age now). She said the only thing I could do was take a supplement to give more nutrients to the eye. She told me to do so and come back in 3 months. That was 10 months ago. I've been too scared to go back. But I know I can't put it off forever. This optometrist is located in a big box store and you can sometimes just walk in and be seen. I plan to do that rather than make an appointment, and I plan to do it today. But I may chicken out at the last minute. Just afraid it's all going to be worse and that she'll talk about even worse possibilities and scold me for waiting so long to come back in and then send me to a specialist in a big scary medical building where they'll do all kinds of tests and say "hmmmmm" a lot and scratch their chins. How I hate all of that so much. Hate it hate it hate it hate it. My hope is that nothing has worsened since my last exam and I can walk out with a new prescription and be done.

Anyhow - back to you and your dental exams - all the best...So anyhow, good luck to you, hope it all goes well.