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Scared of tomorrow's appointment



Junior member
Jun 24, 2017
Tomorrow I have my first ever dental visit under sedation to have a. Tooth removed that's had a temporary filling in for ten years after half a completed root canal.

I'm terrified because I've never been sedated before IV and I'm scared to death and tempted to cancel

Will it hurt?
Will I be sick during the procedure?
What if it doesn't work?

I'm absolutely terrified
Hi Luke,

Please don't be scared, it doesn't hurt at all and there are many success stories for IV Sedation.
Mine was like a scratch and a nip of the skin. I don't remember much either. Also regarding being sick, i highly doubt it and you are still awake anyway, just sedated.
Hey, I've had 3 healthy teeth removed (they always did it for overcrowding before braces) and a molar. It never hurt. It just felt a bit of pressure. My molar took a while to get out because it had 3 roots and just because if my type of teeth/jaw. But it didn't hurt, just my jaw felt a bit achey after. My other teeth probably took a few minutes to remove. It didn't scare me at the time because I was a kid (10, 16 yrs old) and didn't have dental phobia yet. There was just a scratchy feeling from the needle injecting the gum to numb the area. But I had no sedation or numbing cream before injection etc. They tap and test your tooth to make sure its totally numb. Then loosen and remove it. You will be fine. It's done every day.