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Scared of wisdom teeth surgery :((



Junior member
Dec 30, 2020
Alexandria, VA
Hi, I need to get all four of my wisdom teeth extracted and I’m extremely anxious about it. I’ve never had surgery before and I’m really scared that something bad is going to happen during or after surgery. Mainly worried about the during. I’m going to need GA and IV sedation, both of which I have never had before. I’m nervous that I’m going to die or something (which I know is unlikely but I’m still anxious nonetheless). I was told by my surgeon to try and get them taken out this winter while I was home from college but I made up excuses to not make the appointment because of how anxious I am. A few hours ago I noticed that the gumline around the one that has emerged is swollen a bit and that’s what got me thinking about this again and now I’m scared that I waited too long. I know that I don’t really need to be nervous but I can’t get the thoughts out of my head that something bad is going to happen. Someone please help me out :(
Hello Lydd19.

:welcome: To Dental fear Central. We are glad you are here. It takes alot of courage to write. You are in the right place. I think its so natural to be nervous about this with it being the first time you have surgery and wisdom teeth out alot with first time for GA/Sedation. These are huge. I also think alot of us have made excuses before until we feel we absolutely are at a point we need it rather than it being an option.

Do you have a place to go that you feel comfortable with , that they would be compassionate and listen to your needs and concerns and anxieties? I think that is such a huge factor. I know when I have surgery if I felt listened to and understood its a little easier.. to take the next step. not saying its very easy but it is a step . Being nervous is normal thats why we are here to help encourage you.. we all go through it.

I know I've had sedation/GA a few times, and even though I know I've been ok every time, everytime I get really nervous, the fear of the unknown.. and it is a medical procedure so its totally rational to be a little nervous of them :). One thing I like to do is go for a physical with my general dr to give me peace of mind and clearance that I'm healthy todo GA/Sedation.. and that usually helps give me a little peace .It might be worth doing ?

sorry Im writing a book for you. I'm hoping you can find a kind dr and staff who can help you through this! Wishing you the best!
Lydd19, I remember being your age and being scared about getting wisdom teeth out. This is a perfect time to have it done to avoid future complications. You haven't waited too long. Mine had just started coming in as well and there was redness/inflammation along the gum line. In my case, I needed to "see" some problem in order to justify having it done. I also scheduled mine during a college break. You can read my story in the success stories section. Good luck to you and I believe everything will turn out fine.