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Scared please help!!


Aditi Banga

Junior member
May 9, 2022
Hey there I am Aditi 19/F from India I have to take my wisdom teeth out in sometime in our country only local anaesthetic is used if anyone can share their views on this I am actually very scared due to some youtube videos and past trauma.
Hey Aditi,
in the country I live in wisdoms also only get taken out with loval. I had all 4 out at once and it was fine. Sorry to read about the trauma, that certainly makes things much more difficult.
Is there anything in particular that you are scared of?
I am scared about the pain especially about pressure and when they slit my gums during surgery and aftermath .
Your dentist should make sure you are properly numb before even starting, that's what local anesthetic is for. Once you are numbed up properly, you shouldn't feel any pain at all. It may be good to talk to your dentist about this worry as well.