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Scared to eat - ED Trigger warning



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Feb 11, 2023
United Kingdom
Long vent post - I’m so sorry!

First time posting here. I’m absolutely terrified that my front teeth might be loose. Every time after eating, my front teeth click into place - no visible movement in the mirror but I can feel and hear a tiny click when pushed with my tongue or pursing my lips.
They move like this for a hour or so then they will stop.

My teeth are very crowded. My gums are pale but sometimes bleed.
I suffer with Anorexia and I believe it’s now weakened my teeth because of malnutrition. I’m trying with recover but I’m so scared to eat with the fear my teeth will fall out. I think I’m just hyper paranoid but all I want is for a dentist to ease my mind and says its normal.
I’m petrified of dentists and so ashamed of my teeth. No NHS dentists will take new patients - I can’t drive and there is no pain that I need to go to an emergency.
I ended up contacting the ED clinic I get support from - I asked whether they could help make a referral so I can finally have some peace of mind.
I’ll hopefully get a reply on Monday!

I can’t afford private at all. I really hope I can find a dentist. I’ve even gone on a email spree in hopes that they just check my teeth.

Has anyone else experienced clicking teeth after eating or flossing? Have you seen a dentist and been told its normal?
Any advice would be so appreciated💗
All you are hearing is air & saliva moving inbetween your teeth which is creating this popping/clicking sound
While I can’t offer any specific advice, I can see that you are taking lots of prompt action. That’s a very good sign.

I hope you can get checked out soon. Keep us posted.
It's great you are taking action, and hopefully on Monday you get a useful response. Though this is different in cause from what is happening with you, I have experienced clicking of the front teeth and them popping when they were loosened from orthdontic braces. What would happen was if I closed my mouth my lower front teeth would pop inwards when my upper teeth pressed on them, and then I could pop them out again with my tongue if I opened my teeth. It felt like cracking a joint, maybe like cracking one's knuckles. I can tell you that I didn't limit what I ate or anything, I ate whatever I wanted or was around, and they didn't fall out, or become looser from anything I ate. Later on in life I had a much looser tooth due to problems like infection and cavities, and nothing that I ate made that one come out, either, even sticky stuff. I think teeth are often much more firmly rooted than they can seem, in most cases even if they have serious problems they still need to be extracted by a dentist, and don't come out on their own. Good luck on Monday!
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