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Scared to make appointment for Wisdom teeth



Junior member
Mar 28, 2006
Hi all!

Im new to this forum, but I am sure glad I found it! I need to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth CUT OUT!!! :o
I am soooo scared. I dont know what to expect, Ill be 24 next month and Ive never had any kind of surgery before. I just need some encouragement so I dont chicken out.

just want to encourage you. I hd all four of mine out last friday. Before that i spent 2 weeks fearing death from sedation and it only stressed me out. The day of the appointment was great. If you have IV sedation you will remember nothing. I have been healing well and I would do it again if I had to. All I can say is make sure you have a good oral surgeon. :jump:
Thanks for the encouragement! I am yet to make an appointment with a dentist to get a referal to an oral surgeon, but I keep telling myself that its going to have to be done eventually, I may as well go ahead and get it over with before they start giving me problems.
I had my wisdom teeth out 2 1/2 weeks ago and I know exactly how you feel. I had all 4 taken out and i was scared to death of doing the anesthesia.So I was in the same boat as "no sedation" except i had to wait like 7 weeks. But my oral surgeon didn't give me any choice. The only way he would do mine is under total general anesthesia because one tooth was lying on a nerve and  he didn't want to take any chance of damaging that nerve so he wouldn't do the iv sedation. And they were all 4 impacted. So the thought of general freaked me out even worse than the iv sedation. But once it was finally over I was happy I finally got it over with. The last thing I remember is them injected something in my iv then feeling a little burning feeling in my arm then I wake up in the recovery room. Once I woke my biggest problem was the taste in my mouth and throat from the breathing tube but if you just get to do iv sedation you wont have that. But the best advice I would give you is get some good drugs. They gave me percocet which i started taking about 2 hours or so after i woke up. Once I started taking those I had pretty much no pain and pretty much slept for a day and half which was nice cause after waking up from anesthesia I couldn't fall back asleep until I had some pain pills. Now I can pretty much eat whatever i want the only bad this is getting food stuck in your sockets, its annoiying. But you shouldn't worry about it to much I know from experience its harder to do than say but I wish I wouldn't of worried for 7 weeks over nothing because it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions.
Stardust said:
Thanks for the encouragement! I am yet to make an appointment with a dentist to get a referal to an oral surgeon, but I keep telling myself that its going to have to be done eventually, I may as well go ahead and get it over with before they start giving me problems.

Has your dentist actually told you that your teeth need to come out? There is always the possibility that they wont cause problems. I thought mine were but it turns out that I have TMJ. Personally I feel that if there is no real reason to remove them, then why put yourself through surgery? I know lots of people that still have their wisdom teeth. My dad for example is almost 60 and has all 4 of his (impacted!) But the choice is up to you in the end.
You'll be ok, just think, it would be worse later if you dont do it now, if you do get general its really really nice, the nurses will take good care of you and just make sure u tell them your nervous, they actully gave me some stuff before i even got put to sleep that made me sleepy and i fell asleep before they even had me in the O.R. it will be ok :) i just had mine out a week ago so now i wanan spread the word and make ppl feel better, its not that bad, and mine were pretty hard to get out. Plus its pretty funny when ya wake up and u look like ya got beat up.. I like the bruises , builds character lol :) U'll do good
Hello, and welcome!

Getting wisdom teeth out is a wise thing to do. I'll tell you my story, because it happened way before I developed my current dental phobia, and it wasn't a bad experience at all.

I had all four of my wisdom teeth out when I was 15, under general anesthesia because they never erupted (and they never would; the dentist predicted that they would all become impacted eventually due to the size of my mouth and the angle at which they were growing).

The procedure was done at an oral surgeon's office. It was very simple. Once the IV was in, the surgeon asked me to count backwards from 100. When I got to 91 -- the lights went out. *click!* (Well, MY lights went out, at any rate.)

What seemed like seconds later, I had the sensation of 'coming up for air' from the bottom of a pool. Suddenly I 'surfaced' into wakefulness, with the nurse calling my name and telling me everything was finished. Unfortunately, this is where the most unpleasant and embarassing thing happened: I suddenly felt nauseous, and before I could even respond to the nurse, I threw up. Apparently, this is an occasional side effect of GA. :( It was more embarassing than anything else, and it went away as quickly as it happened.

The aftermath: it was a fairly quick recovery, with some initial soreness and discomfort but I was able to return to class after about a day or so. This was in the 1980's, so they might do things differently now, but back then I didn't have to get any stitches. The tooth-holes remained open, and it was up to me to keep them clean. The oral surgeon sent me home with a pain med prescription and instructions on how to clean the 'pockets', and...that was that! I think within 3-4 weeks the tooth holes were healed up entirely.

So don't despair! Get those rascals removed, and you'll be glad you did. ;D
I was really stressing out about just making the appointment to see the oral surgeon. I finally just up and did it this morning. By doing that, I had control over when I saw him, and got my choice of which doctor I wanted to see. Also, I was told that there would be no problem getting it done the week I need to because I have time scheduled off work. I feel so much better having made that call. Things are no longer in limbo and I am one day closer to having all of this behind me. Make the call. You will be fine.