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Junior member
Apr 4, 2024
Hello all,
I was so frightened of the dentist after a couple of bad experiences that I avoided going altogether for 15 years.
In December 2022, I was in a lot of pain with my second molar, top right side. I plucked up the courage to get it checked and was unsurprised to be told I have Perio. I was recommended a root canal to the molar, and was given antibiotics to clear the infection before the work was done. All was ok-ish after. The Perio is under control, I have not had bleeding when I brush for over a year now. The problem however is that this week my gum above the root canal-ed tooth has become sore, with what feels like a scratch between the gum and the cheek. The tooth has its own heartbeat. Ouch. Dentist saw me today and suggested either more antibiotics or removal of both second molar and wisdom tooth. No mention of what comes after, just that they can be pulled. I’m terrified. I’ve spent this afternoon panicking, what if it changes my face shape? What if it doesn’t heal properly? How will I chew my food? I’ll choke!
It is worth mentioning the second molar is very wobbly, the wisdom tooth not so much, but dentist wants both anyway…I’m so scared!
I just had a tooth removed. it's not bad at all. you just have to be very careful when eating for a week