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Scaring myself with horror stories, please help!



Junior member
Feb 27, 2017
Okay, so curiosity killed the cat and I found this online: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/...Pass-scalpel-said-surgeon-.html#ixzz248Lbd8pE

Want to ascertain truth or fiction of this, also I think the horror has been defanged for me because the procedure I am planning for extraction is, I believe, mere sedation. I was told I'd be "put to sleep" but I'm sure it's a sedation and not a general anesthetic and the oral surgeon I consulted with assured me that they'd use the (local) shots. I also asked for my husband to be present to make sure they give me the shots.

I also noticed that this person is a redhead. I've heard that there is notorious problems with those with ginger-genes. I am blond and have never had any awareness problems before under any kind of "putting to sleep." (I've had it once for wisdom tooth removal and again for a stomach biopsy).

Is there any other way I can minimize my fears and MAKE DAMN SURE an oral surgeon takes care of me correctly?
Anasthesia awareness is super rare, and when it does occur, it's very fleeting and non painful the vast majority of the time. Cases where someone is awake for a sustained amount of time are highly, highly unusual. That is really not a thing you should be concerned about. Also, while something about the redhead gene makes them a little harder drug up, that won't affect you, as you're blonde. :p

It's the oral surgeons job to take care of you. I wouldn't worry about that.
I know it's the local that blocks the pain, but with sedation, there's supposed to be a higher threshold for pain / a lot of not-caring, correct?

Googling lead me to some stories on Reddit (never go there unless I hit it in a search for something) where people talked about being briefly aware of wisdom tooth extractions, but without pain. I'd like to have not even that because I am easily freaked out, but if it comes without pain, it shouldn't be a big deal.

I'm afraid precisely because what gave me this damned dental phobia in the first place was a local anesthetic fail on a filling. It was supposed to work, at first I felt numb, I felt numb for most of the work, then the dentist hit a nerve and had the gall to tell me to lie back down (which I didn't do. I went to one of the chairs in the room and curled up like a cat. I don't remember if I hissed, but I probably did). I have had an experience where things did not go the way they were "supposed" to.

In a borked-up brain like mine, that erases all logic and reason.

I am trying to tell myself that if the worst happens.... I actually think I've already survived a possible worse pain than the horror story in the above link. As awful as it sounds.... I know what going through shock without blacking out is like for borderline organ-failure. I had a problem with my kidneys last year. Nothing in my life has been as scary as getting into a state of furiously shivering but it not warming my body and feeling an apex of pain I can't even remember the extent of. So, I wonder if repeating the mantra "I've survived worse" to myself will help with fear.
The combination of local and sedation will definitely have you feeling no pain. Though I know what it's like to fear the worst anyway! I had to have GA for extractions, and I was basically convinced I was going to die. There was crying involved. But a dentist hitting a nerve through local is a fair bit more common than sedation not working properly. Honestly, it'll feel like you've just had a sleep.