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Scary bone loss



Junior member
Feb 24, 2017
So I've had long term advanced gum disease
For as long as I can remember despite cleaning, flossing, regular hygiene cleans etc it just would not go. It runs in my family and my gran actually lost all her teeth aged 25! Anyway, finally someone referred me to a peridontics clinic and I had root scaling, this was 5 months ago. Went back for my check
Up and was told I had made excellent progress and my gums were much better with pockets reduced etc and he sent me on my way. So I decided with this sorted out I would go ahead and get a brace (something the peridontist was aware of) went feeling pretty confident but have just left the orthodontist feeling absolutely terrible. They basically told
Me my bone loss is awful and I should have lose teeth by now, they can't consider me for a brace as my teeth would possibly fall out, she offered to write to the peridontist for his
Opinion but seemed pretty certain I wasn't suitable. I'm absolutely gutted.
I'm getting married next year and had dreamt of beautiful straight teeth for the firs time. Now I'm worrying that I won't even have teeth!!! Do you think I need to go back to the peridontist??! I'm terrified this bone loss is going to continue. I feel like I thought I was cured and my teeth saved and now I'm
Not so sure....
I'm horribly sorry for you.

You should definitely seek second (and third) opinion and explore what your options are. I would strongly suggest that your periodontist would have warned you instantly about that amount of bone loss and would certainly not sent you your way. It would be evident from your xray.

Having said that the dentists can be negligent as same as everyone else (most of us had phobia exactly because we had that sort of experience) but most specialists in my experience know very well what they are doing and will notice if something is seriously wrong.
That is really, really scary and super unfortunate! I would say, go back to your periodontist and see what he says. It seems like either he did not pay close enough attentions or the orthodontist was maybe exaggerating. I'm sure if you speak to the periodontist again, you can probably give him the orthodontist's information and they can talk about it. I have had many trips to orthodontists (before my dental phobia, had braces for 3 years), periodontists, and regular dentists, as well as oral surgeons.

I am actually experiencing bone loss as well in my roots, not in the actual teeth. Mine is due to a genetic condition that effects the strength of my bones so I have to go back to the periodontist as well.

I think in this situation, communication is key. It seems like each person is telling you a different thing so you need to go back to the periodontist and tell them what the orthodontist said and have them communicate with each other as well as you.

Good luck! I hope they can communicate and things can get sorted out! Don't be discouraged just yet!