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Scary dental dreams..



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Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
Shortly after my last tooth got pulled from my previous dentist I had a dreamthatI went back and all my teeth crumbled at my dental appt and started falling out... ugh.... i'm already a nervous patient but thatdream really scares me.. and now getting a deep cleaning tomorrow and REALLY SCARED!!!! ugh..

Anyone else have dental nightmeres that provoke their fear?
All the time in the weeks leading up to an appointment!
I have had a ton of dental dreams related to dentistry specifically and my teeth falling out. They say dreams about losing your teeth are actually symbolic of just stress in general but mine are super realistic and I wake up traumatized every time! :o I have had several dreams about having work done with my current dentist. They weren't so much nightmares as they were just stressful. Nothing actually scary happens in those dreams (besides dental work). I also had a recurring dream of showing up to her office for an appointment and not being able to be seen for some reason (usually scheduling conflicts)...also the office looked completely different from her actual office ...I'm not sure what that means :confused:
Omg guys... I had another dream last night all my teeth fell out sitting in the waiting room of my old dentist, he took me back and put them all back in. At least it was a good ending . I hate it though
In one of the post I made about my last trip to the dentist (I go every three months) I had horrible dreams that the dentists were starting to tag your tongue to see what you been eating and drinking (how much if any of the bad stuff)
Every time I have an appointment coming up, I have dreams all of my teeth are falling out or have crumbled to dust! Anxiety is the worst!
thank you all!! I felt strange I've had many of these dreams and definately especially around my appt times. Thankfully the last one, the dentist "made it all better" but... they aren't all like that... its anxiety for sure.