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Scary molar *graphic image*



Jan 25, 2017
Hello! I just want to reiterate that I have a pretty gross picture of my tooth attached and if you are like me it may creep you out a bit.

I am wondering a few things about the offending molar...

1. Is it dead? I have what seems like normal feeling in it. Hot, cold, biting you name it.
2. Is the extraction going to be worse than a normal tooth not so decayed?
3. I am super scared/embarrassed! What is the dentist going to think, it looks bad maybe the worst they have seen.

Thanks for reading :)


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Really won't be the worst a dentist has seen at all. Extraction will be no worse than when tooth is there, should be quicker. I had several like this extracted. You will be fine and feel better when it is gone.
Have to agree with Tari dentist has seen everything, and will see it again and again.