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Scratchy throat, raspy cough after wisdom tooth removal yesterday - could it be connected?



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May 19, 2010
Hi I had a bottom left impacted wisdom tooth removed under IV sedation yesterday, the bleeding has seemed to stop but I'm very swollen however my main concern is right after the anaesthetics wore off, I noticed I had a very scratchy throat and this morning have woken up with a raspy type cough, it feels like I'm breathing in dust sort of feeling. Could this be associated with my dental work yesterday or just a coincidence in that I've caught a bug? :confused:
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I'd say coincidental... you were probably around someone with a cold prior to your appt.
Google sore throat and extractions- "A sore throat may develop. The muscles of the throat are near the extraction site. Swelling into the throat muscles can cause pain. This is normal and should subside in 2-3 days."

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