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Sedation and heart palpitations?



Junior member
Mar 30, 2011
I seriously am considering backing out of my wisdom removals. I have been getting palpitations these last couple months every day. Some days are worse then others. Basically in the middle of my chest feels like it fluttered for half a second. I went in for blood work and and ECG and they said my cholesteral was a little high and my ECG was fine (tho I had a little high BP at the time). He told me the palpitations were probably from anxiety/stress and a crappy caffiene, pop, junk food diet and to lay off that. He told me I was fine to be sedated.

What will happen if I get a heart palpitation/flutter while im under sedation? Will it kill me? I want my teeth out but I am thinking I may be way to scared about this...


Junior member
Apr 8, 2011
I have MVP and I had IV Sedation done Feb 18th. I was nervous because I had all these scary thoughts but I survived and IV Sedation is HEAVEN!!! They hook you up to monitors and watch then the entire session. Don't get me wrong. I had flutters as they were preparing me but once I was given the IV and took to whiffs from the breathing mask..I was asleep. I don't remember anything from the surgery except them hooking me up, breathing then waking up to someone saying my name.