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Sedation next week - so frightened



Junior member
Nov 26, 2020
I really feel so trapped with fear, I have been referred for two teeth to be removed (one wisdom) and one 3rd from back on the bottom. I had appointment today for the second tooth to give consent and I feel so much worse- the dentist started by saying that’s a lot of work for one sitting he didn’t elaborate and I said should we do it in two ( don’t want that really as in so much pain) sittings, I said is it the recovery and he said no and I asked if it was the amount of time in the chair and he said no so am making up my own answers as to what he means! I was obviously upset in there and asked to speak to someone about the sedation and he said well all you need to know is it won’t work if you fight it! You have to want it to work! I really do, I want this dread and pain to be over- I have four children who need me to be sorted! I feel petrified of feeling things, of freaking out, of literally all of it!! Sorry this is a load of babbling! I attempt to have bottom tooth out with just numbing last week but they could not numb it enough.
Hi Hopeful20,

wow, I am so sorry that this was your experience. :( It doesn't sound like the dentist did anything to put you at ease or even to answer your basic questions. I strongly disagree with the statement about IV only working if you want it to, that's BS. I also disagree with any sentence that starts with "all you need to know". This is your health and your body and it's your right to get any information that you want and need to make a valid consent.

Any chance of calling them again / find a way to get your questions answered/change dentists or practices to someone who listens to you? I know you are in pain and options may be limited, this just so much doesn't sound right to me.. and it doesn't look like it does for you either.

Btw. here is an article about IV sedation. Not a supplement for a dentist who listens to you, but some basic information about what iv sedation is about.

All the best wishes
Enarete thank you for your reply, he does not have a great bedside manner! Thing is I am in pain and with four children to look after I feel very much that I need it done ASAP! I was suprised with his response to the iv sedation working as I kind of presumed that it was designed in part for anxious people! I guess I will have to hope it works and that I actually don’t have to much awareness of him being present! I never understand people with no empathy!
I guess my main worries are:
Wisdom tooth is so far back so access worries me

losing control- I actually don’t remember the last time I was relaxed!

sleeping to deeply my last two children are non sleepers so have not had a whole night sleep for five years!

the pressure of tooth extraction is so hard to bare!
Wish I could fast forward a week!!